‘Ofgem’s new reforms allow microbusiness customers to get better deals’

Anna Rossington, Ofgem’s Interim Director of Retail spoke to ELN about the regulator’s new reforms which are designed to tackle poor practices by energy brokers

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Ofgem’s new proposals will help microbusiness customers to get better deals and have all the information they need while they shop around.

That’s the suggestion from Anna Rossington, Ofgem’s Interim Director of Retail who spoke to ELN about the new proposals announced today: “We have conducted a review of the market. And we discovered that there were a small number of these brokers who were engaging in sharp practices, such as overcharging on their commission fees, or locking in customers to long contracts.”

She added: “Ofgem’s proposals today mean that micro businesses will be able to have clarity over the commission charges that they pay to energy brokers when they shop around.

“They will also have a cooling-off period when they sign up to a new contract if they then discover that it’s not suiting their needs. And finally, they will also have access to a dispute resolution mechanism in case there is a problem with a broker or with a supplier.”

Listen to the interview.

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