Symbio Energy ordered to pay £450k over FIT payment delay

Ofgem said the company has failed to meet the deadline of 11th August for its payment obligation

Ofgem has ordered Symbio Energy to pay £450,000 as a result of the company’s delay to make its Feed In Tariff (FIT) payment.

Administered by the energy regulator, the FIT scheme provides payments to owners of small-scale renewable energy generators and is funded through compulsory levies on energy suppliers.

If any supplier fails to pay its payment by the deadline of 11th August 2021, is in breach of the rules of its supply licence.

Ofgem said Symbio Energy failed to make its Year 12 Quarter 1 FIT payment by the deadline and has told the regulator it will pay on 3rd September.

That would mean the payment would be over three weeks late, delaying the distribution of this money to generators.

ELN has contacted Symbio Energy for a response.

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