Britain fires up coal power plant to meet electricity demand

National Grid ESO has asked EDF to fire up two units at its West Burton A power station in Nottinghamshire

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National Grid ESO has asked EDF to fire up its coal power plant in Nottinghamshire to meet power demand.

With wind farms being unable to generate as much power as possible due to the warm weather, EDF activated its West Burton A to balance the UK’s electricity supplies.

The BBC reported a National Grid spokesman saying: “In balancing the electricity system, we take actions in economical order and not on the basis of generation type.

“Depending on system conditions, some power sources may be better at meeting a balancing requirement than others, so the most cost-effective solution to ensure safe, secure system operation will be sought.”

Responding to the news, Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said: “This underscores the urgency of investing in new nuclear capacity, to secure reliable, always-on, emissions-free power, alongside other zero-carbon sources.

“Otherwise, we will continue to burn coal as a fall-back and fall well short of our net zero ambitions.”

Earlier this year, EDF announced its intention to end generation at West Burton A power station, its sole remaining coal-fired power station, in September 2022.

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