Soaring gas prices make supplier increase tariffs by 33%

Firmus energy said the increase is due to global gas commodity prices rising by 200% since the early April

Gas supplier firmus energy has announced it will increase its tariffs in the Greater Belfast area by 32.98% as a result of substantial rises in global wholesale gas prices.

The new tariffs will start from 22nd October, the company said.

The change in tariff will add an extra cost of £3.51 per week on the average household bill.

Firmus energy estimates since the beginning of April, global gas commodity prices have soared by 200%.

Michael Scott, Managing Director of firmus energy, said: “We are very sorry that we have to make this announcement to our customers in the Greater Belfast area.

“However, given the huge increases in the cost of purchasing natural gas on the global markets, which have been well publicised in recent weeks, it is simply unavoidable, as these costs are totally beyond our control.”

In recent weeks, soaring gas prices have led to record electricity prices leaving the UK’s energy market into uncertainty as many suppliers ceasing to trade.

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