COP26 Live: Wales pledges to put an end to licensed oil and gas production

Wales has joined an alliance led by Denmark and Costa Rica pledging to stop licensing oil and gas production

Big Zero Report 2022

Wales has vowed to stop licensed oil and gas production as part of its membership in a new global alliance of countries pledging to phase out fossil fuels to fight climate change.

Ten national and regional governments have signed up in the coalition led by Denmark and Costa Rica.

The ‘Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance’ also includes among others as founding members France, New Zealand and Ireland.

The group aims to deliver a managed and just transition away from oil and gas production.

Welsh Government Deputy Climate Change Minister Lee Waters said: “Wales has just signed a landmark climate agreement with ten other nations and regions to say we are going to put an end to oil and gas exploration by 2035.

“We have already been ahead of the game providing leadership here, saying no to fracking and no to new fossil fuel licenses and we are using our momentum to bring others along on the same journey.

“It is vital here today, at City and Regions Day at COP that we show that action can be taken at our level of government to stop catastrophic climate change.”

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