Minister calls on Treasury to waive VAT on energy bills

Irish Finance Minister Conor Murphy said families and businesses are facing a “very uncertain winter”

The Finance Minister in Northern Ireland Conor Murphy has urged VAT exemption on energy bills.

Minister Conor Murphy sent a letter to the Treasury asking that the VAT costs of 5% for domestic users and 20% for business are waived for a period of time.

Mr Murphy said: “The cost of living crisis is severely impacting many of our citizens, causing further hardship for families and businesses during an already difficult time.

“Over the course of the pandemic, we have seen workers, businesses and families struggle immensely.

“Many will now continue to face significant financial challenges as we move through the winter period, with households and businesses coming under even more pressure given spiralling energy prices.

“I am calling on Treasury to act now and suspend VAT on energy bills temporarily to support the many families and businesses facing a very uncertain winter.”

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