Government slammed for ‘lack of energy strategy’ and ‘crushing cost’ of living crisis

GMB Union said that the UK was held hostage by the global fuel crisis

The government has come in for fierce criticism over its handling of the crisis in the energy market.

The GMB Union said the lack of an energy strategy has left the UK hostage to the global fuel crisis, millions of people in fuel poverty and our national security under threat.

It said the government inaction has played a role in the current ‘crushing cost’ of living crisis.

Andy Prendergast, GMB National Secretary, said: “Rocketing fuel prices and stagnant wages have left people with a crushing cost of living crisis.

“Today’s rampant inflation figures have only been made worse by the lack of proper energy and industrial strategy from this government.

“Inaction and a lack of gas storage have left the UK hostage to a global fuel crisis, left millions of households in fuel poverty and our national security under threat.

“Ministers must secure our energy future committing to new nuclear to hit net zero and address the wage crisis to tackle the cost of living and recruitment crises.”

A BEIS spokesperson told ELN: “This criticism of our energy policy is wholly inaccurate and misleading.

“As international wholesale gas market activity has shown, domestic gas storage capacity has had little bearing on the price of gas, as the UK benefits from access to gas reserves in British territorial waters and secure sources from reliable import partners.

“We’ve already committed to new nuclear and just last week announced £210 million in funding for small scale nuclear technology, the largest nuclear engineering collaboration the UK has ever seen.

“We are continuing to support living standards, including through the £500 million support fund to help vulnerable households, the energy price cap, help with energy bills through the winter, and rises to the National Living Wage from 2022, giving a £1,000 pay rise to two million of the lowest paid workers across the UK, the highest rate ever.”

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