Two more suppliers went bust in the wake of soaring energy prices

More than 70,000 Britons will be impacted by two more failures in the energy market

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Just a few hours after the government confirmed that Bulb entered into ‘special administration’, two more energy suppliers went bust.

Ofgem announced that Entice Energy and Orbit Energy ceased to trade.

Entice Energy supplies around 5,400 domestic customers while Orbit Energy has approximately 65,000 customers.

The regulator said the energy supply of the customers will continue uninterrupted and the credit balances will be honoured.

Customers of the failed suppliers will soon be contacted by their new supplier which will be appointed by Ofgem.

Responding to the announcement, Gillian Cooper, Head of Energy Policy at Citizens Advice, said: “The increases in global gas prices we’ve seen this year have been significant, but should not have led to the collapse of 25 firms.

“As suppliers continue to fall like dominoes, it’s clear the market is not functioning as it should and there are serious questions for Ofgem to answer about how this has been allowed to happen.”

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