‘Scotland’s first’ biomethane HGV refuelling station opens near Glasgow

The filling station is predicted to be able to refuel nearly 450 HGVs a day

Almost two months after the end of COP26, all eyes across Scotland will be on Glasgow once more.

This time because a new refuelling station exclusively for heavy goods vehicles has opened its gates.

The station, operated by CNG Fuels, has enough capacity to refuel 450 lorries every day with renewable biomethane.

The facility’s location means that it will be able to serve the busy transport route between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Some of the major brands that will benefit from the development include the British supermarket chain Waitrose, the delivery giant Hermes and the bakery goods firm Warburton’s.

Sourced from food waste, renewable biomethane is estimated to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 90% and reduce lifetime vehicle costs by up to 40% compared to diesel fuel.

Philip Fjeld, Chief Executive Officer of CNG Fuels, said: “Glasgow and Scotland were at the centre of the world debate on climate change during COP26, injecting urgency into the global push to tackle the climate crisis.

“Our new station, just outside Glasgow, is an example of real-world action on climate, unlocking low carbon deliveries across the busiest transport routes in Scotland and supporting the country to meet its emissions reduction targets.”

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