Yorkshire oil and gas firm taken over by green energy group

Ceasing all fracking in North Yorkshire, Third Energy said “we are proud to have transitioned from fossil fuels”

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A leading fracking company based in North Yorkshire has been taken over by Wolfland Group which specialises in green and renewable energy solutions.

Third Energy had previously announced a delay to its fracking plans in Yorkshire in 2018.

The company has halted all fossil fuel production and has no plans for further exploration.

In an announcement posted on its website Third Energy said: “Having started our generating energy through on-shore gas extraction, we are proud to have transitioned away from fossil fuels. Our aim is to diversify our existing power generation assets and develop new sources of energy consistent with the UK Government’s net zero 2050 targets.”

The firm said it will transform its facilities into a multi-purpose energy park and research centre. It also plans geothermal projects at its well sites.

Mike O’Shea, Wolfland Group’s Chief Executive commented: “If we get this right and we drive the green agenda, taking a dirty fossil fuel fracking company and turning into a green energy beacon, I just think that’s wonderful, so we jumped into it straightaway.”

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