Government backs carbon capture pilot at Drax’s CCUS facility

The project aims to test a metal-organic frameworks-based carbon-negative technology

Drax Power Station shines bright for King Charles’ coronation

Drax Power Station has projected a symbol onto one of its cooling towers to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation

Coal power generation era lasting for 50 years comes to a close at Drax

Drax has officially ceased 50 years of coal-based power generation at its North Yorkshire power station

Sunak under fire for private heated pool amid energy crisis

The Prime Minister has faced backlash after building a new private heated swimming pool at his North Yorkshire home

Legal action against Drax over ‘harmful’ wood pellet dust dropped

The Health and Safety Executive has concluded that there is “no evidence of continuing risk of harm from exposure to wood dust” at the Drax power plant

Centrica to turn a former gas-fired power plant into a green energy hub

The energy giant has unveiled a plan to build a 28MW battery on Knapton Generating Station in North Yorkshire

Coal power station in Yorkshire to be transformed into green energy hub

The ‘UK’s largest’ planned battery will be built on the site of the former Thorpe Marsh coal power station

Activists cover BEIS building with orange paint in protest against Drax

Campaigners have launched actions as they oppose the government’s subsidies to Drax biomass power station

UK readies undersea electricity ‘superhighways’

Ofgem has recognised the “consumer benefit” of two subsea high voltage cables to transport clean energy between Scotland and England

Dogger Bank wind farm to help stabilise voltage of the UK’s grid

It marks the first time an offshore wind project wins contract to support National Grid ESO in balancing the grid