Activists cover BEIS building with orange paint in protest against Drax

Campaigners have launched actions as they oppose the government’s subsidies to Drax biomass power station

UK readies undersea electricity ‘superhighways’

Ofgem has recognised the “consumer benefit” of two subsea high voltage cables to transport clean energy between Scotland and England

Dogger Bank wind farm to help stabilise voltage of the UK’s grid

It marks the first time an offshore wind project wins contract to support National Grid ESO in balancing the grid

From forest to smart meter: How Drax bioenergy gets to businesses

The power that turns on lightbulbs or charges electric vehicles goes on a fascinating journey.

Yorkshire oil and gas firm taken over by green energy group

Ceasing all fracking in North Yorkshire, Third Energy said “we are proud to have transitioned from fossil fuels”

MPs brand burning wood for energy as scandal

A group of 50 MPs has written a letter to the Energy Minister warning about the emissions produced by biomass

Drax readies BECCS project with new £40m investment

The funding will support preparation works at the company’s Yorkshire carbon capture project

Teesside to become home to Europe’s largest battery

A new 360MW energy storage system will be built at Wilton International in North Yorkshire

EDF to bid farewell to last coal plant in September 2022

The shutdown is scheduled two years ahead of the government’s deadline for coal-fired power

Drax awards Aussie engineers CCS project in North Yorkshire

Once operational, two carbon capture units at Drax Group’s power station are forecast to capture around four million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year each