Alok Sharma: “Climate security has become synonymous with energy security”

The COP26 President said the current crisis has made the case for homegrown renewables more clear

Climate security has become synonymous with energy security.

That’s the suggestion from Alok Sharma who spoke during the Future of News conference about the challenges the world faces today.

The COP26 President said: “It is quite interesting that the current crisis has also made clear to governments that homegrown renewables and clean energy, the price of which cannot be manipulated from afar, are the best option for domestic energy security.

“Climate security has become synonymous with energy security. And the chronic threat of climate change is unfortunately not going away.”

In its keynote address at the Society of Editors conference, Alok Sharma highlighted the role of journalists in getting climate on the public agenda.

He said: “Journalists are vital to ensure it (climate change) continues to receive the column inches and the air time that it deserves and that leaders are held to account.

“Alongside the Glasgow Climate Pact, companies and countries made commitments at COP26 to clean up critical sectors, to halt deforestation and to work together to accelerate green technologies.

“In short, the world has agreed what it needs to do. Our task now is to deliver.”

A few days ago, the US Climate Envoy John Kerry said Vladimir Putin did not wreck the Glasgow Climate Pact.

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