Council opposes National Grid’s electricity network project

Councillors in Suffolk have agreed to object to a 112 mile-long power line

Councillors from the Mid Suffolk District Council have opposed a planned 180-kilometre-long power line as new pylons would have a “massive impact” on the region.

National Grid plans to reinforce the electricity transmission line between Norwich, Bramford and Tilbury with a project named East Anglia Green Energy Enablement (GREEN).

John Field, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group said: “The village recognises that these assets will benefit the country at large and there is a limit that the project (GREEN) exceeds that tolerance.”

During the council’s meeting, Jessica Fleming, Cabinet Member for Environment, commented: “The financial analysis seems to be fairly superficial and doesn’t seem to take into account things like devaluation of property values.

“It doesn’t seem to take into account things like devaluation of property values, devaluation of the landscape for various reasons but particularly for tourist economy – we need to ask for the financial background of the decision.”

A National Grid spokesperson told ELN: “The government has set an ambition to connect up to 50GW of offshore wind by 2030 – enough green energy to power every home in the country.

“It is National Grid’s responsibility to connect new generation into the national transmission system and get it to where it is needed, safely and securely.

“We are governed by a number of licences and regulatory obligations and we’ve been carrying out assessments and studies to find the most appropriate way to achieve this in East Anglia and in other parts of the country. We feel these proposals best meet our obligations.

“We are at an early stage and we want to work closely with local communities as we develop the project further.

“We’re holding this consultation so people can tell us about the impacts they believe this project will have on them, and where they live.”

“We will carefully consider feedback from local communities, along with information from assessments and surveys to help us develop our proposals in more detail.”

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