UK homes to be heated with grass-fed gas

A biogas plant will help turn grass into gas

Global manufacturer Wärtsilä will help Ecotricity‘s ambition to convert grass into “carbon-neutral” gas.

A few days ago, the energy company unveiled plans to build a green gas mill near Reading in Berkshire.

The project is predicted to cover the gas needs of an estimated 4,000 homes every year.

Initially, the grass will be broken down in a silage container for approximately two months – it will then be put into a digester where a methane-rich gas will be produced.

Wärtsilä will supply the technology that will refine the gas before it is sent to the grid.

Chris Ives, a Consulting Engineer appointed by Ecotricity to manage this project, said: “Replacing fossil fuels with grass-fed gas provides significant green energy benefits.

“Importantly, existing gas boilers installed in homes all around Britain can still be used, but in a much more sustainable way.”

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