Green gas ‘could help Scotland hit energy goals’

Green gas could significantly help Scotland meet the goals set out in its recent Energy Strategy. That’s according to the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA), which says the nation should recycle more organic waste and energy crops into biogas for renewable heat and power, low carbon transport fuel and bio-fertilisers. Anaerobic digestion (AD) is […]

ENGIE ‘plans switch to 100% green gas by 2050’

French utility ENGIE is reportedly planning to ditch natural gas by 2050. Chief Executive Isabelle Kocher told reporters the company is aiming to switch all of its gas operations to biogas and renewable hydrogen during that period. The company has around 70 biogas projects worldwide, including 40 in France. It estimates biogas from agricultural and […]

Severn Trent invests £15m in biomethane plants

Severn Trent has invested £15 million in three new biomethane gas-to-grid plants. The water company, which serves eight million people across the Midlands and Wales, says the power generated will be enough to heat more than 8,000 homes for a year. However, it plans to use the biogas fermented from sewage sludge, contaminated energy crops […]

Severn Trent invests £60m in biogas upgrade

Severn Trent has invested £60 million in a thermal hydrolysis plant (THP) to make the process of generating clean energy at one of its sites more efficient. The water company says the technology will see the electricity produced at Minworth Sewage Treatment Works increase by almost a third. The process works by treating sewage sludge, […]

Delay to green heat reform ‘threatens climate goals’

The government’s decision to delay renewable heat legislation threatens climate goals. That’s the warning from the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA), which suggests the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) shouldn’t have postponed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) reforms until 2018. It says the legislation has been delayed due to a government timetable […]

From sewer to showroom – wastewater biofuel

A car manufacturer and water services company have partnered to turn wastewater into sustainable biofuel. The process employed by SEAT and Aqualia involves separating water from sludge in treatment plants, before fermenting it into a biogas. When used in a compressed natural gas (CNG) powered vehicle, SEAT claims the fuel results in 80% less Carbon Dioxide emissions than traditional […]

Unilever says carbon neutrality is a Sure thing

Unilever, the company behind Sure deodorant and many other consumer products, has made five of its sites fully carbon neutral. The manufacturer has signed a contract to heat its Leatherhead and London offices and factories in Norwich, Trafford Park and Cork with 10,000MWh of biomethane gas. The deal has been made with renewable energy firm GENeco, which will produce the […]

Brazil opens biogas facility … made in Italy

One of the world’s largest plants for generating energy from landfill biogas has opened in Brazil – and is made in Italy. To transform urban waste from cities into energy using landfill biogas in latest-generation plants: this is the ambitious project recently completed in Brazil by Gruppo AB, of Orzinuovi (Bs), world leader in the […]

AB partnering once again with Amadori for energy efficiency policies

Once again, AB cogeneration proves itself to be the ideal solution for Amadori, a company always committed to environmental and energy efficiency policies. Amadori’s green philosophy requires the development of an integrated energy efficiency plan, to which a new cogeneration plant has been added: a concrete solution that allows Amadori to increase its efficiency in […]

Denmark’s largest biogas plant opens

A biogas plant which will convert around 540,000 tonnes of straw per year into energy has been opened in Denmark. It is said to be the largest in the country, according to E.ON which developed the site alongside Danish firm Sønderjysk Biogas Invest (SBI). The companies have invested more than €33 million (£25.4m) in the […]