Energy industry responds to UK’s first ever red extreme heat warning

UK’s network infrastructure is designed for extreme temperatures, according to the Energy Networks Association

The UK’s energy networks are well prepared for the record-shattering heat that could arrive in the coming hours, the Energy Networks Association (ENA) has said.

On Friday, the Met Office issued the first ever red warning for extreme heat for today and Tuesday.

The Mayor of London has also activated the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol across London boroughs as temperatures are expected to hit 36°C or higher.

Ross Easton, Director of External Affairs at ENA said: “Network infrastructure is designed for extreme temperatures but network companies in the areas affected by the Red Warning from the Met Office have escalated their internal preparedness as a precaution.

“This is done as standard when extreme weather is forecast and helps us prepare should there be any impact on customers. This includes ensuring our engineers’ safety is put first and foremost, considering the heavy-duty protective clothing required to do their jobs.”

A National Grid ESO spokesperson told ELN: “The ESO has the relevant tools and experience to deliver safe and secure system operation at national transmission level.

“Our control room engineers are used to managing heatwaves and our demand models account for varying temperatures.”

A government spokesperson told ELN: “Great Britain has one of the most reliable energy systems in the world.

“We work closely with network operators, the regulator Ofgem and other stakeholders to ensure that the appropriate technical and operational measures are able to be deployed throughout the year, to ensure the integrity of the energy system.”

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