EDF plea for government to work on “viable solution” for soaring bills

A new package of cost of living support is already on the government’s table, Treasury Minister has admitted

Big Zero Report 2022

EDF has made a plea to the government to step in and take action for the rising energy bills now.

The energy supplier has said Industry and ministers have to work together to find a “viable solution” to soften the “anxiety” of customers who are left panicking about how to pay their bills in winter.

Philippe Commaret, Managing Director of Customers at EDF, said: “The events of the past month have changed the outlook on energy bills dramatically and sadly, the support previously announced will simply not go far enough.

“We are asking the government and the two Conservative candidates to work with industry so we can find a viable solution for those customers most in need this winter.

Customers need to know now that help is coming. Delaying a decision will cause anxiety for millions of people and discussions need to happen now.”

Mr Commaret has also urged the government to launch a broader energy efficiency programme that could bring more permanent savings in energy bills.

In response to the calls for immediate support, Treasury Minister Simon Clarke said: “Of course, the government is working up a package of cost of living support that the next Prime Minister can consider when they take office.

“It is absolutely right to consider these options in the round when the new Prime Minister has taken office – rather than announce new un-costed policies, without sight of all the details of the pressures people could face, during a leadership election.”

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