Britons advised to put foil behind radiators to save energy

Local authorities and a former MP have said that foil can help people reduce the amount of heat escaping

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Putting foil behind the radiators could help people with soaring energy bills, officials have said.

In an interview with itv’s Good Morning Britain, former Conservative MP Edwina Currie said: “You put some of this (foil) behind your radiators – it really works. It makes the whole room nice and warm and it means you can turn down your thermostat without it causing you any more discomfort.

“Most people my age have lived in houses without central heating but we are dependent on it now and just that kind of little thing makes such a difference. Moving the sofa away from the radiator, you don’t want to be heating the sofa, you want to be heating the room.”

Ms Currie clashed with Martin Lewis, Founder of Money Saving Expert, who warned about the UK being on the brink of a “catastrophe” because of soaring energy bills.

Mr Lewis said: “I’m afraid you can’t ignore the rising bills. That’s what the catastrophe is, it’s not my language.”

Camden Council has also included the use of aluminium foil behind the radiators as a potential energy-saving measure.

The local authority has urged residents to “put aluminium foil behind radiators against outside walls to reduce the amount of heat escaping”.

Winchester City Council has also said foil is not only for the kitchen – it said: “Putting kitchen foil behind radiators reflects more heat back into a room. Just mount some foil on cardboard (with the shiny side facing outwards) and you’re all set.”

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