Bill Gates says telling people to stop eating meat is “unrealistic”

The Co-Founder of Microsoft has rejected the climate ‘moral crusade’

Big Zero Report 2022

Expecting others to adopt a greener lifestyle will never solve the problem of the climate crisis.

That’s the suggestion from Bill Gates, who spoke to Bloomberg’s Zero podcast about whether innovation should be paired with a social and political revolution in future-proofing the world against the worst impacts of the climate emergency.

Mr Gates said: “We need more than technology because we have to have the political will. We are asking society to stop using stuff other than climate things. We are asking society to walk away from those.

“Anyone who says that will tell people to stop eating meat or stop wanting to have a nice house and will just basically change human desires; I think that’s too difficult. You can make a case for it, but I don’t think it’s realistic for that to play absolutely central role.

“I am looking at what the world has to do to get to zero, not using climate as a moral crusade.”

During COP26, Bill Gates said limiting global warming to 1.5°C would be very difficult, if not unachievable.

The tech mogul had previously suggested that rich people should entirely switch to synthetic beef to reduce their carbon footprint.

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