Council to monitor energy usage to cut on bills

Cheltenham Borough Council will invest £151k in energy monitoring systems to help tackle climate change

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A Gloucestershire local authority has unveiled a plan to spend thousands of pounds on new technology to boost energy efficiency, save money on energy bills and help support its climate goals.

Cheltenham Borough Council will invest £151,000 in energy monitoring systems in a bid to tackle the current financial pressures and climate change.

The energy usage of several buildings, including the authority’s offices and leisure centres, is expected to be monitored properly.

Councillor Alisha Lewis, Member for Climate Emergency, told ELN: “We organised the need for energy efficiency across the council’s range of properties and bid for £151,000 capital investment from the council’s own Green Investment Fund.

“The building management systems will help to better control our energy use in a consistent way, offering both carbon and financial savings for the council, as well as supporting our climate ambition to be net zero by 2030.

“Based on this and last year’s energy tariffs, it is anticipated that the planned scheme will pay back in just two to three years, representing a remarkably quick return on our investment.

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