Authorities plan wind turbine component convoys

Turbine components will be transported from Lerwick Port to the Viking Wind Farm site in Shetland

Big Zero Report 2022

SSE Renewables and Vestas have shared details of plans to move turbine components from Lerwick Port to the Viking Wind Farm site in central Mainland Shetland.

SSE Renewables is currently building a 443MW wind farm in the Shetland Isles – the project will consist of 103 wind turbines.

Convoys are planned to begin on Monday 6th February – partners have said there will be up to three convoys per day, six days a week with up to four wind turbine components per convoy.

Given the weight and the size of the convoys, a specialist team from Police Scotland will coordinate the project from Vestas factories to the Viking site.

SSE Renewables’ Aaron Priest, Stakeholder Manager for the Viking Wind Farm, said: “The arrival of the turbine components is obviously a landmark milestone in the construction of the wind farm.

“With more than one thousand parts to be transported, it is no small task and we’re pleased to have support from Police Scotland and Shetland Islands Council for completing the task safely and with the minimum of disruption.”

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