Energy suppliers start writing to customers to warn them of bill increases

Typical household energy bills are set to rise to £3,000 per year next month

Energy firms will begin writing to customers to warn them of bill increases from 1st April.

This follows the announcement of the new price cap and the latest estimates that typical household energy bills will rise to £3,000 a year next month.

According to Citizens Advice, energy suppliers have to give customers reasonable notice of price rises or other changes that have an impact on household finances.

ELN understands that the government is considering the level of energy support that it will give to households.

The Chancellor has already explained that the government needs to be “responsible” with public finances, hinting at limited energy bill support for targeted groups.

Energy UK, which represents energy suppliers, said the companies would start writing to customers to inform them about the price increases they were going to see within the next few days.

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