UK offshore wind to be recognised as critical national infrastructure

According to the new Net Zero Growth Plan, the measure introduced is set to accelerate the planning and consenting process for new offshore wind projects

The government is now mandating offshore wind to be recognised as “critical national infrastructure.”

The inclusion of this specific measure in the recently published Net Zero Growth Plan is anticipated to expedite the planning and consenting procedures for upcoming offshore wind ventures.

Ministers have identified the planning system as key to achieving its ambitious goal of reaching net zero infrastructure development, as well as expanding clean generation and grid capacity.

In the Net Zero Growth Plan published today, it is stated: “The government is committed to ensuring faster, faired and more effective planning regimes, including through changes to the National Planning Policy Framework – generally for local plan-making and decisions – the energy National Policy Statements – for nationally significant decisions – and Electricity Act planning.”

In relation to the existing onshore wind moratorium in England, the government has declared that it recognises the cost-effectiveness and widespread support for this technology.

Consequently, the government has initiated discussions to modify planning policies for onshore wind projects in England to adopt a more community-led approach that empowers local authorities to better accommodate the views of their residents.

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