Fuel poverty crisis deepens: UK Government ‘on the brink of missing 2025 milestone’

Households struggling to afford adequate heating is projected to skyrocket to 3.53 million in 2023, according to a report

Fuel poverty in England is on the rise and is projected to reach 3.53 million households in 2023, sounding alarm bells for the government’s 2025 milestone, warns the Committee on Fuel Poverty.

The committee suggests the 2020 target to improve the energy efficiency of fuel poor homes to Band E was not achieved and the 2025 goal of reaching Band D is also in jeopardy.

To tackle this, urgent attention must be given to upgrading 704,000 properties with Energy Performance Certificates of E, F and G.

Failure to do so will hinder progress towards the government’s broader target of achieving Band C ratings for fuel poor homes by 2030, according to the report.

The Committee’s 2023 Annual Report, titled “Meeting or Missing the Milestones,” emphasises the need for improved targeting of payment support and more focused energy efficiency programmes to meet the government’s targets.

The report suggests that local authorities, regional mayors and partner organisations should play a strategic role in tackling fuel poverty, with a particular focus on regions with a high proportion of fuel poor households.

A Department for Energy Security and Net Zero spokesperson told ELN: “Through our £40 billion energy support package we covered around half of a typical household’s energy bill this winter and kept millions out of fuel poverty.

“We’re also investing billions in improving energy efficiency and nearly half of low income homes in England now have a rating of C or above.

“We want all homes to meet this rating by 2035, forming the best long-term protection against fuel poverty.”

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