Six million homes need insulation to meet UK’s 15% energy reduction target

The UK must urgently increase the number of energy efficient homes by millions to effectively reduce both bills and carbon emissions, according to new research

Millions of energy-efficient homes are urgently needed in the UK to tackle high bills and carbon emissions, but further action is required to meet the government’s target, according to new research published today.

The study, conducted by Frontier Economics for WWF UK and ScottishPower, reveals a significant gap between the projected progress and the required measures to achieve the government’s energy reduction target of 15% by the end of the decade.

Currently, the target calls for 6 million homes to be better insulated by 2030, but existing policies are only expected to deliver around 1.1 million improvements.

Additionally, approximately 1.5 million homes will require heat pump installations, and 600,000 homes will need to be connected to low carbon heat networks.

Robert McGaughey, Head of Smart Heat at ScottishPower, has highlighted the importance of addressing energy efficiency comprehensively, particularly for low income households, by combining insulation improvements with greener heating options.

Isabella O’Dowd, Head of Climate Policy at WWF, said: “With our homes accounting for 16% of the UK’s carbon emissions, the UK Government must act now and tell us how it will insulate the extra five million homes it needs to keep us on track to meet its green ambitions and drive down bills.”

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