Heat’s on: Energy chief urges bold moves as winter bills loom

The boss of Energy Saving Trust has called for government initiatives to cut energy demand, highlighting the importance of energy-efficient homes and peak-time savings

As worries over upcoming winter energy bills loom, Mike Thornton, Chief Executive Officer of Energy Saving Trust, has emphasised the critical necessity for prompt government intervention.

With energy prices still at elevated levels and the likelihood of further increases, Mr Thornton’s message emphasises that addressing the root causes of high costs is paramount.

“At the heart of the matter is our over-reliance on gas,” Thornton notes, highlighting the need to diversify energy sources to yield permanent reductions in energy prices.

Mr Thornton stresses that the onus isn’t on households but rather on the government to drive a shift towards lower energy demand.

Mr Thornton said: “Energy prices are still high and we may see increases again this winter, so the message for the government hasn’t changed.

“As we head into winter, the cost of heating our homes comes back into focus but investing in insulation and other forms of energy efficiency remains out of reach for many.

“A wrap around national retrofit programme for households, underpinned by financial incentives and personalised advice, would reduce our demand for gas and bring bills down in both the short and long term.”

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