Cost concerns top list of barriers to heat pump adoption

Almost two-thirds of Britons express interest in adopting heat pumps as a means to reduce their long-term energy bills, according to a new survey

Nearly half (49%) of Brits are deterred from installing a heat pump due to the perceived high initial costs.

That’s according to a new survey conducted by Mitsubishi Electric in collaboration with Ipsos, which shows that the issue of affordability plays a pivotal role in influencing heat pump adoption.

Almost 64% of respondents state that their interest in heat pumps, or their decision to already install them, is driven by the desire to save money on energy bills over time.

While nearly half (42%) of surveyed Brits express some degree of interest in heat pump installation, comprehension of heat pump technology remains limited.

A mere 13% of respondents recognise the environmental benefits offered by heat pumps and nearly 71% possess little to no understanding of how these systems function, according to they survey.

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