Urgent call for energy vouchers: Supporting vulnerable customers

Disabled individuals relying on electricity for medical reasons have benefitted from a voucher scheme by UK Power Networks and Scope

More than 1,000 disabled individuals in England and Wales were granted £80 energy vouchers as part of a fuel voucher trial.

The positive outcomes of the trial were evident, with nearly 80% of customers reporting improvements in their mental well-being.

The initiative, a partnership between disability equality charity Scope and UK Power Networks, aimed to offer swift financial relief amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis.

The scheme aimed to address the immediate needs of those who rely on electricity for medical reasons.

By distributing credit meter fuel vouchers through a streamlined process involving the Post Office, the collaboration facilitated accessibility and ease for recipients.

Ian Cameron, the Director of Customer Service and Innovation at UK Power Networks, emphasised the scheme’s impact by stating, “We hope that other companies will adopt this tried and tested mechanism to support more customers as we look towards what will likely be another difficult winter.”

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