Missed energy payments: 48% of UK households struggle to keep the lights on

Nearly 2.2 million UK households have grappled with missed or defaulted essential payments, such as housing, loans, and credit cards, according to a new survey

A significant portion of UK households are struggling to keep up with their energy bills.

The latest data from a survey by Which? reveals that nearly 48% of households have missed or defaulted on their energy payments in the month leading up to 10th August.

The report estimates that around two million households missed or defaulted on an essential payment, such as a housing, bill, loan or credit card payment.

Among these, 1.4 million households faced difficulties meeting their household bills, with water, council tax and energy bills being the most commonly missed.

Almost half of those who missed household bill payments struggled with council tax, while nearly half faced overdue water bills, and 48% grappled with energy bill arrears.

Worryingly, 61% of those missing household bill payments reported missing more than one.

More than half of households (56%) had to make adjustments, such as cutting back on essentials, dipping into savings, selling possessions or borrowing.

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