Octopus unveils UK-made heat pump – free with grants

Octopus Energy CEO Greg Jackson has unveiled a new smart heating system, set to make heat pumps accessible to all, launching in December with a free option for homes not requiring modifications

The boss of Octopus, Greg Jackson, has unveiled a new smart heating system named “Cosy Octopus,” with the aim of making heat pumps more accessible.

Notably, for homes that require no modifications after the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), the Cosy Octopus system will be provided free of charge.

However, for homes needing adjustments like new radiators, piping, or a hot water tank, the system will be available at an estimated cost of around £3,000 after the grant.

The announcement was made at the WIRED and Octopus Energy Tech Summit held in London yesterday and the system is slated to be available starting in December.

The ‘Cosy Octopus’ system includes several components, such as the ‘Cosy 6’ heat pump, the ‘Cosy Hub’ home controls system, ‘Cosy Pods’ room sensors and a customised smart tariff.

Initially, the Cosy Octopus system will introduce a 6kW heat pump, suitable for the average three-bedroom UK home, with plans to introduce larger models in the near future.

Greg Jackson, Founder of Octopus Energy Group, said: “This is a huge day for clean heating. The combination of a high-temperature heat pump (as hot as a gas boiler), Octopus smart tariffs and room sensors across your home doesn’t just open up cheaper clean heating – but more comfort too.”

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