New UK scheme promises to slash energy bills for thousands

The Great British Insulation Scheme is set to provide more than 300,000 homes with the potential to save an average of £400 per year on their energy bills

More than 300,000 homes in England, Scotland and Wales are in line to benefit from the newly launched Great British Insulation Scheme, offering the potential to reduce annual energy bills by an average of £400.

Customers have access to an online eligibility checker for the scheme, which will inquire about various aspects of their homes, such as heating methods, wall types and whether they receive any benefits.

Formerly known as ECO+, the scheme will be administered by Ofgem and will place an obligation on medium and large energy suppliers to execute measures aimed at curbing energy usage.

The primary driver behind this substantial investment, which will run until March 2026, is the mounting energy costs and the government’s commitment to alleviating fuel poverty while working towards net zero emissions targets.

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