Good Energy unveils hourly renewable energy matching for businesses

The company is offering hourly renewable energy matching to its business customers, enabling them to align their energy use with renewable generation

Good Energy is introducing a new service called “time-based energy matching” for its business customers.

This service will provide real-time data on how businesses’ energy usage aligns with the renewable energy produced by Good Energy.

It aims to offer enhanced transparency in carbon reporting and allows businesses to adjust their energy consumption patterns to reduce emissions.

Good Energy is partnering with Granular Energy to match business customers’ energy usage with the output of its network of renewable generators.

Following successful trials with select customers, the service will be made available to all half-hourly metered business customers, providing them with insights into their energy usage and its alignment with renewable generation on a half-hourly basis.

The initiative aims to provide businesses with a more accurate understanding of their carbon impact and enable them to make informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint.

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