‘World’s first’ hydrogen inland shipping barge aces sea trials

Concordia Damen’s hydrogen-powered inland shipping barge, ‘Antonie’, has successfully completed technical sea trials

Shipbuilder Concordia Damen achieved success in sustainable shipping with the trial run of the ‘world’s first’ hydrogen-powered inland shipping vessel, ‘Antonie’.

Lenten Scheepvaart, the vessel’s owner, marked a milestone for emissions-free transport on Dutch inland waterways.

Technical sea trials on 23rd October, validated by Lloyd’s Register, resulted in a provisional certificate for operational use.

Trials focused on testing the advanced diesel-electric propulsion system before the installation of hydrogen containers, expected by year-end.

The Antonie, designed to transport salt for Nobian, represents a circular chain, powered by hydrogen produced in Nobian’s chlor-alkali process.

The vessel is set for complete zero-emission transport between Delfzijl and Rotterdam.

A subsidised hydrogen bunker station in Delfzijl supports Antonie’s energy needs.

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