ENA gas members to leave by end of 2024

Gas members of the Energy Networks Association have unanimously decided to exit the association by the end of 2024, citing the evolving energy policy environment

Gas members of the Energy Networks Association (ENA) have collectively chosen to end their membership with the association by the close of 2024, citing the changes in the energy policy landscape.

Entities such as Cadent, Northern Gas Networks, Wales & West Utilities, SGN and National Gas, despite leaving, will maintain their full membership status in ENA for the immediate future.

This commitment ensures a seamless continuation of ENA’s ongoing operations during the transition period.

The ENA Board will conduct a comprehensive review of the association’s strategy, recognising its pivotal role in supporting members for a successful energy transition.

Lawrence Slade, Chief Executive of ENA, said: “Twenty years after the association was established, the energy and political landscape has changed massively and continues to change.

“Following the decision of the gas networks and given the scale and importance of net zero, we will now undertake a strategic review to ensure that our team, who are at the heart of the organisation, have the best support and structure to help deliver the net zero future for the country.”

Phil Jones, Chairman of the ENA, said: “Today’s news doesn’t change the commitment of the companies remaining in the association. We firmly believe that ENA is best placed to support us working together to enable net zero and tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

“That’s what ENA has enabled us to do as a sector consistently: deliver better outcomes for our customers across the board. Projects like the 105 three digit number for power cuts, industry-wide collaboration on storm and pandemic response and most recently some significant reforms in the connections framework.”

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