UK heat pump applications increase

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme experienced a threefold increase in applications in the week following a 50% increase in government grants for new heat pumps to £7,500

The number of applications for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme in the UK witnessed a threefold increase in the week following the government’s decision to raise grants for new heat pumps to £7,500, according to recent figures.

Subsequent weeks continued to see a nearly 60% surge compared to the previous average.

The scheme, available in England and Wales, supports families in transitioning from fossil fuel heating systems to cleaner heat pump alternatives.

Energy Security Secretary Claire Coutinho said: “Today’s new figures show our pragmatic approach to net zero is working. In the first week after our 50% increase to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, applications tripled.

“We are supporting hardworking families who want to make the switch and replace their boiler in a way that’s within their budgets.”

Lord Callanan, Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance, said: “We want more families to enjoy the more stable bills and cleaner heating that heat pumps have to offer – and today’s evidence that heat pumps make minimal noise is yet another reason to make the switch.”

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