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New energy supplier given green light for forced prepayment meter installations

Ofgem has said Utility Warehouse has met criteria to restart involuntary installations of prepayment meters

Utility Warehouse has been granted authority to resume involuntary installations of prepayment meters (PPMs), according to the latest update from Ofgem.

This decision comes after the supplier met Ofgem’s criteria, signalling adherence to regulatory standards.

An Ofgem spokesperson said: “Protecting consumers is our number one priority. We have made clear that suppliers must exhaust all other options before considering forced installation of a PPM, and consumers can help themselves by reaching out to their supplier as soon as possible if they think they won’t be able to pay their bill, so payment options can be discussed.

“Our rules on when, and how, a PPM can be installed are clear and we won’t hesitate to take action if suppliers act irresponsibly.

“We will continue to work closely with consumer groups and suppliers to make sure households understand their rights when it comes to PPMs and will regularly review our rules to make sure they are working to protect the most vulnerable.

“We would also strongly encourage consumers to make sure their personal details and circumstances are up to date with their supplier, so they can be taken into consideration if or when payment problems arise.”

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