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Customers warned of rise in fake energy efficiency scheme texts

Customers are being cautioned about an increase in fraudulent texts related to energy efficiency schemes, particularly 'ECO4'

Virgin Media O2 has warned its customers about a recent increase in fake text messages pretending to be connected to government energy efficiency schemes, especially ‘ECO4’.

These messages are designed to trick people into giving away personal or financial details and are now one of the most common types of spam texts blocked on the network.

The company advises recipients to report any suspicious texts to 7726 for free and suggests that those struggling with energy bills should contact their energy provider or local authorities for help.

Murray Mackenzie, Director of Fraud at Virgin Media O2 said: “The rise in fraudulent messages linked to government schemes designed to tackle fuel poverty shows that scammers will stop at nothing when it comes to targeting their victims.

“That’s why it’s more important than ever to stay vigilant and take time before acting on an unexpected text.

“We blocked more than 89 million fraudulent texts from reaching customers last year, but with fraudsters continuously using new tactics to pray on their victims, we encourage customers to help by reporting suspicious messages for free to 7726 so we can investigate and stop scammers in their tracks.”

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