Ofgem’s reforms ‘fail’ to help consumers pick best energy deal

Ofgem’s reforms published today “will fail” to help consumers pick out the best energy deal in the market. That’s according to consumer group Which? in response to the energy regulator’s detailed new rules for a simpler and clearer market for consumers. It made the comment following its recent research which revealed only three in ten […]

Ofgem could close ‘protection gap’ for UK businesses

Greater powers for Ofgem to help businesses from brokers who mis-sell energy could help close the “protection gap” on energy issues in the industry. That’s the view of a consumer group who welcomed the energy regulator’s call for the Government to give it more powers to take direct action against “rogue” brokers. Ofgem said it […]

New energy tariffs to stop consumers being ‘bamboozled’

Ofgem believes the Government’s new proposals for energy prices will stop consumers being “bamboozled” by complex tariffs. The energy regulator made the comment following DECC’s plans for suppliers to limit to four main tariffs per fuel type and offer consumers their lowest prices. Last month the watchdog announced plans for a “simpler, clearer and fairer” […]

Scottish Power next to raise energy prices

Scottish Power is the latest energy supplier to increase its domestic gas and electricity prices by 7%. The new price, which will come into effect on 3rd December, follows British Gas and npower’s announcement of a hike in energy prices last week. SSE’s new price announced earlier this year has also kicked in today. Scottish […]

As npower profits go up, opinions of them go down

npower faced stinging criticism today as it announced its profits went up by 34% from the year before. The company claimed its profits came from generation assets, but that didn’t convince campaigners after suppliers announced major price rises last year. Adam Scorer, Director of Policy and External Affairs at Consumer Focus said: “We need successful […]

Energy supply industry is ‘recession-proof’

The energy industry is virtually ‘recession-proof’ with suppliers still making ‘healthy profits’ says a consumer group. Consumer Focus claims today’s annual results from ScottishPower and British Gas show energy firms are on steadier ground than they claim. Both firms posted a drop in earning although they still made several hundred million pounds of profit. Adam […]

EDF cuts gas prices by 5% but consumer group wants more

EDF Energy has become the first of the Big Six energy suppliers to reduce its energy prices with a 5% cut to gas bills. The company follows closely on the heels of independent supplier Ovo Energy, who slashed their prices following a drop in wholesale costs. Vincent de Rivaz, Chief Executive of EDF Energy said: […]

Complaints at energy suppliers rise 26%

Complaints at five of the UK’s largest energy firms rose by an average of 26% over the autumn. Out of the Big Six firms – SSE, British Gas, npower, E.ON, ScottishPower and EDF – all but Scottish Power saw an increase, according to Consumer Focus. French supplier EDF Energy came out worst in the consumer […]

Simpler tariffs welcomed by consumers

Ofgem research claims that their proposed reforms will be welcomed by the consumer. The research looked at three factors: how consumers would behave when faced with a standing charge set by Ofgem (a daily price with energy used paid extra); a single unit rate (the same price for peak and off-peak) and comparison information in […]

Simplifying tariffs is the right first step

The Big Six has started to change the way it operates, which has been noted by consumer groups. Last night British Gas MD, Phil Bentley, conceded that they “had not made it easy for customers” and the confusing tariffs used by power suppliers were the cause for a lack of trust. Adam Scorer, Consumer Focus […]