Nearly 8.2m households could be in fuel poverty in October

A charity has urged the next Prime Minister to take additional measures to protect people against the “bleakest of winters”

Big Zero Report 2022

More than eight million UK households could be in fuel poverty in October when the new price cap takes effect.

That’s according to the charity National Energy Action which suggests there would be a huge increase in fuel poor homes as energy experts had already predicted that the average energy bill could reach £3,250 per year this winter.

The fuel poverty group said in October 2021 when the annual energy bill was £1,271, there were 4.5 million UK households in fuel poverty.

Fuel poverty is defined as homes spending more than 10% of total income on energy.

National Energy Action Chief Executive Adam Scorer said: “Anticipated prices far exceed earlier projections. Current financial support will be inadequate as much of that money will be spent before winter kicks in.

“We are facing the bleakest of winters. Energy bills are already unaffordable for millions, and millions more are set to suffer. People will be forced into impossible situations.

“The energy crisis is the urgent priority for a new Prime Minister. Higher prices and cold weather are inevitable. Dither and delay are not.”

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