Rolls-Royce unveils plan to cut up to 2,500 jobs

The engineering and aerospace giant said this restructuring aims to create a more agile and efficient business

Liquid hydrogen powers electric aircraft

A German aerospace developer has completed the world’s first piloted flight of an electric aircraft fueled by liquid hydrogen

UK’s new green aviation company takes off towards zero-emissions future

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Britten-Norman are merging to create the ‘world’s first’ fully integrated, zero-emissions sub-regional aircraft, with up to £10 million investment

UK startup flies ‘world’s largest’ hydrogen-electric plane

A 19-seater plane powered by a hydrogen-electric engine took to the skies above Gloucestershire

Wind turbines cannot slip beneath the radar!

A radar has been deployed at Lowther Hill, Scotland to mitigate the impact of onshore wind turbines on commercial flights

‘Airlines miss all but one climate target in 20 years’

This is due to the aviation sector regulating themselves, a new report claims

UK bans Russian aircraft and sanctions trade

The government has now made it illegal for Russian aircraft to land in Britain

New $140m US programme for first-of-a-kind critical minerals refinery

Rare earth element and critical minerals are essential materials used in a broad range of technologies such as advanced aircraft, wind turbines, EVs, semiconductors and hydrogen fuel cells

Rolls-Royce and Airbus studying 100% SAF in conventional jet engines

Aircraft are currently only allowed to use a 50% blend of SAF with regular kerosene fuel – the study looks to change this

Royal Air Force makes a Guinness World Record setting path to jet zero

The RAF completed the first flight of an aircraft that was entirely and solely fuelled by synthetic fuel