Could a flying solar-powered phone tower become a reality?

Alta Devices says its solar devices could allow high altitude unmanned aerial vehicles the ability to stay in the air for much longer than currently possible

Could new software allow aviation emissions to maintain a low altitude?

AVTECH’s technology calculates the optimum flight path depending on weather and wind patterns to save money, improve safety and slash fuel consumption

Electric plane from Eviation in hanger
Electric plane calls for funding to hit maximum altitude

Israeli developer Eviation seeks $200m to pay for manufacturing processes

UK announces £343m lift-off for electric and hybrid planes

Around £68m of funding will support small and medium-sized businesses for research and development opportunities

Three firms team up for hybrid electric plane take off

Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Siemens have teamed up to develop a hybrid electric aircraft for take-off in 2020. The E-Fan X hybrid-electric technology demonstrator aims to push and mature the technology, performance, safety and reliability, enabling quick progress on the hybrid electric technology. The programme also hopes to establish the requirements for future certification of electrically […]

New plane breaks records for electric aviation

An electric plane has towed a glider into the sky for the first time. Siemens’ Extra 330LE aerobatic aircraft features a new type of electric motor, weighing just 50 kilograms and delivering a continuous output of about 260KW. This is roughly five times more than comparable electric drive systems. The nearly silent aerotow took a type LS8-neo glider up […]

Alaska Airlines to buy sustainable biofuel for Hawaii flights

Alaska Airlines has announced it has signed an agreement to buy locally-sourced sustainable biofuel for its aircraft. Hawaii Bioenergy is expected to ramp up production of the wood-based sustainable jet fuel within five years of regulatory approval, allowing Alaska Airlines to begin procuring for its Hawaii flights in 2018. Joel Matsunaga, Executive Vice President and […]

Solar plane flies under the moon

A giant plane made out of solar panels has completed a 17 hour flight from Switzerland to Spain and demonstrates what its creators are calling the technology’s “enormous potential”. The Solar Impulse HB-SIA carbon fibre airplane has a wingspan as wide as that of an airbus A340 made out of 12,000 solar cells. These power […]

EC sets allowances to include aviation in ETS

The European Commission has today laid the foundations for aviation to be fully included in the EU’s emissions trading system from January 1 next year. Using historical aircraft emissions, the EC has worked out the number of allowances that will be available from 2012. Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action, said: ‘”Emissions from aviation […]

easyJet puts coating on planes to cut carbon emissions

easyJet has become the first commercial airline to trial a revolutionary nano-technology coating on its aircraft aimed at increasing fuel efficiency. The ultra-thin coating, already used on US military aircraft, is a polymer that cross links and bonds to the paint surface and only adds an estimated 4oz to the weight of the plane. The […]