Hotter and riskier: Northern Ireland’s climate change challenge

The Climate Change Committee has noted limited evidence of delivery, data gaps and a need for further development of Northern Ireland’s green plan

The Climate Change Committee (CCC)’s evaluation of Northern Ireland‘s efforts to adapt to climate change has found there is still much to be done in terms of planning and implementation.

The CCC has said despite progress in some areas, planning for climate change in Northern Ireland remains at an early stage and there is limited evidence of delivery, emphasising the need for urgent action.

According to the report, most of the vital policy and planning milestones crucial for achieving adaptation in key areas are missing.

The CCC has also highlighted the urgency of addressing the issue of data gaps in Northern Ireland’s climate change plan.

It said insufficient data is impeding the assessment of delivery and implementation of adaptation policies, posing a significant barrier to progress, with two-thirds of the adaptation outcomes in CCC’s report lacking relevant indicator data, preventing any judgments being made on progress.

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