Less than half of Brits care about what’s going on at COP26

A new study has found that only 46% of the country are paying attention to the climate summit, with some people even thinking it’s taking place in London

More than a third of Brits ‘paying more for their energy’

Around 9.7m households have not taken steps to change their home energy usage, despite the opportunity to reduce their energy bills and contribute towards cutting carbon emissions

Majority of Brits’ appetite for driverless cars hits the slow lane

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is calling for more driverless car trials on UK roads so people can see the vehicles in action and experience them

Majority of young Brits ‘would consider electric car if price is right’

Some of the concerns cited were the range of EVs, finding somewhere to charge and the time it would take to recharge

Majority of Brits ‘prefer renewable energy retailer’

A new survey reveals 86% of consumers believe it is worth buying goods that are made using 100% green energy

Community energy projects should receive tax relief, say majority of Brits

Around 79% of people agree there should be more government support to help local communities with such projects

One in three Brits ‘willing to pay more to go 100% electric’

Around 49% out of the 2,004 people surveyed also said they would pay a higher upfront cost for an electric vehicle

Half of Brits back coal with carbon capture technology

Around 50% of the public would back the construction of coal and gas plants with carbon capture and storage technology. A new survey of 2,009 people by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) also revealed 35% said the government’s first priority for generating power should be enough to meet all domestic and industrial needs. A […]

Russia charges Greenpeace activists with piracy

A British freelance video journalist, a Russian photojournalist and 28 Greenpeace International activists, including five Britons, who were seized while protesting against Arctic oil drilling have formally been charged with piracy. The activists scaled Gazprom’s oil rig last month in protest against Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom’s plans to drill in the Arctic, which led […]

Brits 'forced into debt to pay energy bills'

Millions of people in the UK are taking out loans to pay for energy bills and provide food for their families. A new survey claims one in five adults took out a loan in the past 12 months, with more than half (56%) of the borrowers expecting to do the same next year. Only a […]