Shapps “horrified” by findings of investigation over British Gas forced prepay meters

Britain’s largest energy supplier has reportedly been sending debt collectors to vulnerable customers to install prepayment meters to recover debt

Self-driving double-decker buses to hit UK streets

The ‘world’s first’ self-driving bus service will welcome passengers on board in Edinburgh from the spring

The best and the worst performing suppliers in energy voucher scheme revealed

E Gas and Electricity and Bulb have the highest voucher redemption rates, government data shows

UK calls on energy suppliers to stop forced prepayment installations

The Business Secretary has asked for data on the number of warrants companies have requested to forcibly enter homes and install meters

Business Secretary hit by “outrageous figure” on energy direct debit

Grant Shapps has disclosed he has himself fallen victim to an energy supplier putting up his direct debit

Government row over funding for SMRs

Officials reportedly disagree on the scale of state investment in Rolls-Royce’s small modular reactors

Business Secretary puts restrictions on Chinese takeover of energy company

The government has set conditions for the purchase of XRE Alpha by a Chinese state-owned company

Campaigners to launch legal challenges over North Sea oil and gas licences

Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Uplift claim that the government has failed to take into account the full climate impact of new fossil fuel projects

Groups call on government to stop relying on burning wood for electricity

The practice of burning trees for electricity should be left in the past, leading environmental groups have said

Business Secretary raises concerns over prepayment customer support

Grant Shapps has written to energy suppliers regarding the delivery of the vouchers to prepayment customers