Port of Middlesbrough welcomes first shipment of recyclable fuel pellets

AV Dawson, owner of the Port of Middlesbrough, has received its first international shipment of renewable energy cargo

UK wind turbine blade recycling takes a front seat

A Scottish startup that repurposes old wind turbine blades for benches and shelters has secured £50k grant funding

New partnership looks to create circular wind sector

It will focus on reusing parts and elements of wind turbines – to cut emissions

Where do wind turbines go when they die?

A new partnership aims to create playparks, bus shelters and bike racks in Scotland using old wind turbine blades

Skyscrapers made of cabbage leaves and orange peel?

Scientists have found a new method to create cement from food scraps

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Heineken ‘behind 23% of the UK’s branded litter’

The drinks industry is responsible for more than a third of litter found in 2020 and 2021

Could you be driving over your baby’s used nappies?

Used nappies are being repurposed for a road resurfacing project in Wales

Aldi pays back customers for recycled plastic bottles

Customers are able to return plastic or glass bottles and aluminium cans in exchange for vouchers worth up to £5

‘UK’s first’ wind turbine blade recycling project gets go-ahead

The government has awarded £1.3 million to the project

Used batteries will ‘triple over the next 25 years’

Scotland is predicted to be flooded with an estimated 60,000 tonnes of used batteries, new research finds