New EU tyre labels roll out to drive fuel savings and mute noise pollution

The tyre labels will show information about the tyre’s rolling resistance, which affects fuel consumption and external noise

EU Parliament & Council agree on revised energy efficiency labels

The European Parliament and the Council have struck an “informal deal” to change energy efficiency labels on household products to make them clearer. The current A+++ to G labels will be replaced by a “clear and easier to use” A to G labels and a database to make it easier for people to compare the […]

Green light for negotiations on ‘backloading’ EU ETS

Negotiations between the European Parliament and Council of the European Union on ‘backloading’ the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) have been given the green light by the European Committee of Permanent Representatives. A surplus of emissions allowances in the ETS – partly the result of reduced economic activity during the recent downturn – has pushed down […]

MEPs vote against back-loading EU emissions scheme

Members of the European Parliament today rejected a crucial measure to stop a flood of allowances for carbon emissions sweeping the market. MEPs voted against ‘back-loading’ carbon permits, which would have withheld 900 million permits from the EU’s flagship Emissions Trading Scheme and helped prop up the price of carbon. Firms in large energy intensive industries […]

EU Parliament approves rules to boost energy infrastructure

The European Parliament has given the green light to laws that will drastically cut the time it takes to build huge infrastructure projects. The new proposals will allow big projects such as cross country power lines and grids to be given planning consent in a matter of just months rather than the years it normally […]

Green light for EU energy efficiency directive

The European Parliament has approved efficiency measures aimed at cutting energy consumption by 20% across the EU. At a plenary session in Strasbourg in France yesterday, energy-saving measures, including renovating public buildings, schemes for utilities and energy audits for all large firms were announced, which could save the EU around €50 billion (£40.1 billion) every […]

UK takes flak for “watering down” EU efficiency laws

The UK Government has been criticised for its role in “watering down” new EU laws which set legally binding energy efficiency laws for European countries. The EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive means all Member States have to bring in energy saving schemes, led by the public sector. It also reinforces the EU’s 20% energy savings target […]

Shell challenges ‘difficult’ EU anti-corruption laws

Royal Dutch Shell is lobbying the EU to water down plans for new anti-corruption laws. In June 2011 the European Commission presented its proposal to curb corruption in the EU, the so-called ‘anti-corruption package’. The EC’s and European Parliament’s transparency rules would force firms to say how much they pay governments in countries where they […]

Europe rejects tougher Carbon targets

The European Parliament has voted against increasing limits on greenhouse gas emissions from 20% to 30% by 2020 from 1990 levels. WWF say support for the amendments came from Conservative MEPs, with Martin Callanan, leader of the UK Conservative delegation ignoring UK Government policy in favour of a 30% emissions reduction target for the EU. […]