How much Russian oil is Europe importing?

Russia was the largest supplier of petroleum to Europe in 2021, according to a new report

Is Europe still ‘heavily reliant’ on fossil fuels?

In 2020, fossil fuels made up 70% of gross available energy in Europe, according to new report

European emissions rose in third quarter of 2021

Electricity supply and manufacturing sectors were responsible for a quarter of emissions for the period, Eurostat said

Each person ‘generated waste equal to the weight of a camel’

Europe produced 225.7 million tonnes of municipal waste in 2020, according to new research

EU ‘surpassed its 2020 renewable energy target’

The share of energy consumed from renewable sources reached 22%, official data shows

European greenhouse gases soared in second quarter

Emissions jumped 18% last spring, according to Eurostat

EU slashes energy-related CO2 emissions by 10% in 2020

The Eurostat report suggests Greece, Estonia and Luxembourg saw the largest decreases in carbon emissions from energy use

‘Progress towards the EU’s climate and energy targets has stalled’

The climate-related economic losses in 2017 amounted to €12.1 billion, according to the latest Eurostat report

EU carbon emissions ‘significantly decreased’ in 2018

The highest decrease of emissions was recorded in Portugal and Bulgaria

EU plastic packaging recycling almost doubled since 2005

However, only 12% of material resources used in 2016 came from recycled products and recovered materials