Green power surge: Renewables take the lead in EU energy production

Renewable energy has become the largest source of primary energy production in the EU, according to official data

Renewables were the main source of European energy production in 2021, according to the statistical office of the EU.

A Eurostat report suggests renewable energy has overtaken nuclear power as the largest source of primary energy production in the European Union.

Data shows that in 2021, renewables made up nearly 41% of the EU’s total energy production, with solid fuels, natural gas, crude oil and other sources accounting for the rest.

However, energy production varied greatly across different EU countries, with some relying heavily on solid fuels while others exclusively produced renewable energy.

Latvia’s power production is edging ever closer to the 100% mark in terms of renewable energy, while Portugal has reached a commendable 98% and Cyprus is sitting comfortably at 96%, according to the report.

The authors of the report emphasise that while there has been a notable uptick in the adoption of renewable energy across the European Union, the bloc remains reliant on energy imports from third countries.

Pertinently, petroleum products continue to reign supreme as the primary imported energy product of 2021.

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