EU gas contingency plan comes into effect today

The plan calls for all European countries to voluntarily reduce their gas consumption by 15%

Spain advises against wearing a tie to save energy

The Spanish Prime Minister has urged workers not to wear ties, as an energy saving measure

Europe signs off voluntary gas cuts to combat energy crunch

Member states agreed to reduce their gas demand by 15% compared to their average consumption in the past five years

New fears for winter UK blackouts erupt

National Grid has reportedly put together a contingency plan to help the country navigate towards energy shortages

Government to consider ‘all options’ on price cap for heat networks

The Energy Minister has acknowledged that customers on heat networks are more exposed to energy price hikes

Think tank proposes moves to cut energy bills and demand for Russian gas

The quickest way to reduce exposure to soaring prices is by reducing demand in homes and industry, new report suggests

Insulation measures ‘to help Brits save £1.1bn a year’

Improved insulation of six million homes will save around £200 on gas bills from April, according to new research