Edinburgh gets £5m funding for walking, cycling and wheelchairs

The money is part of a wider boost across the country to encourage low carbon transport

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Edinburgh will get five million pounds funding for new walking, cycling and wheelchair infrastructure, as lockdown restrictions are lifted.

The money is half of the Scottish Government £10 million investment plan, for cities to carry out road space improvements like temporary pavement widening, pop-up segregated cycle lanes and pedestrianised streets.

Transport and Environment Convener Councillor Lesley Macinnes said: “There’s been a step-change in the way people move around the city, with a surge in walking and cycling and our proposed measures will harness this enthusiasm long term.

“Facilitating active travel and public transport use is essential if we are to limit the negative impacts of congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions as we return to a ‘new normal’.”

A programme of changes is already underway in Edinburgh to encourage strolling, cycling and family exercise.


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