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Planning permission granted for East Ayrshire grid stability scheme

Statkraft has secured planning permission to construct Greener Grid Park in East Ayrshire, utilising 50MW batteries to boost electricity grid stability

East Ayrshire Council has granted planning permission for a scheme aimed at enhancing electricity grid stability in the region.

The project involves constructing a Greener Grid Park near Coylton substation, which will utilise 50MW batteries to store energy and improve the reliability of the grid.

This initiative comes in response to the need for stability in the electricity network, particularly in areas like Coylton, where grid stabilisation is necessary.

The batteries of the project will store, import and export energy, aiding in the transition to a more sustainable electricity supply.

The scheme is expected to commence construction later in 2024.

Sarah Tullie, Statkraft’s Project Manager for Coylton Greener Grid Park said: “Having a stable grid because of projects like this will allow more wind and solar energy to be built and connected, meaning lower bills for consumers because renewable power is cheaper.”

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